Transition from Barbarian to Gorean Slave

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Transition from Barbarian to Gorean Slave

Postby Aysel » Thu Nov 05, 2015 3:19 am

First of all, let me start by saying hello to everyone, since it's my first post here :)

Very recently, about couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon an article about Gorean RP in SL and felt intrigued. So I decided I should give it a shot, then I started playing SL and found myself home in one of the Gorean cities as a 'barbarian' who was kidnapped from Earth, and found abandoned on the dock without any belongings.

My plan was, to start as a very conservative, plain-looking, and shy Asian girl, who nevertheless values her modesty and freedom highly. Currently, she is mostly ignorant of Gorean language, let alone the norms of the society she was thrown in.

I thought I could make a gradual transition from here for her to become a more compliant Gorean slave, slowly over time, maybe with some help from a training, like how it's described in the beginning of 'Dancer of Gor', for example.

But now, I began to doubt the feasibility of of my plan, after I tried to RP with other slaves while I (tried to) act like an ignorant barbarian who's still in denial about her status as a slave girl.

Understandably, as other slave players have been playing it for a while, everyone seems to have undergone that transition long ago, so now they believe wholeheartedly that they are in a complete submission to the Free, and it's their duty and pleasure to do their best to please them.

I know that such a mindset is the cannon of the Gorean lore, but what I found to be problematic was that there seems to be no 'middle ground', or a chance of a gradual transition from the one way to the other - either you're not initiated at all, or you should be completely happy about your loss of freedom.

Initially, I thought the problem could be dealt ICly with a slave training program, but the one I very briefly experienced seems to be concentrating on such topics like learning RP basics, or Gorean commands, etc, which, I have no doubt, to be very helpful to many players, but less so if you expect some RP opportunity to gradually transit your normal Earth born free person mindset to that of a Gorean slave girl.

In addition, I have rather limited English proficiency (at least, quite inadequate for a quality para RP), which I'm afraid might make it even harder for me to solve this problem solely in IC.

So, my question is, would you find it irritating, or even lore breaking if a barbarian slave remains in denial of her status, or tries to keep her dignity/modesty intact (like refusing to be exposed naked, or kneel, etc)?

If not, how long can she be in such a transitional status without making other people uneasy or angry?

Or when she is broken, possibly after some punishments, would it be alright if she acts obediently, but still remains resentful about her status for long? I mean, refusing to be a "I'm so pleased to serve you, Master" kind of a slave for the time being, or even permanently?

I want to try something different, but at the same time, don't want to so disruptive as to irritate other players. Where should I find the fine line between being different, and being difficult?

Thanks! :)
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Re: Transition from Barbarian to Gorean Slave

Postby Oor » Thu Nov 05, 2015 8:06 am

Playing the barbarian-to-Gor transition is doable, but it requires a great deal of collaboration from at least one other person - and that would be the person training your character. As long as you're realistic about when you character starts to comply (even while harbouring resentment - which is fine) and then when your character's psychology catches up, it shouldn't be an issue.

In many ways, the other slaves you've played with are playing correctly. A barbarian slave would be a rarity - an unbroken barbarian slave out in public would be almost unheard of, unless she were seen at an auction block. Just use their role play as presented and react accordingly. I would imagine frustration to be a large part of such a character's life.

Also worth keeping in mind that Gor is fiction. Unless you believe that women are submissive to men in all ways and can only find true happiness and freedom when completely subjugated (which I don't), then you have to accept that all of Gor, including the psychology of its inhabitants, is fictional and idealised for the setting. In that light, it's easier to reconcile a (fictional) Earth woman's journey to becoming fully Gorean slave.

I would normally caution against a new player playing barbarian. The thing with writing character who are ignorant is that in order to pull it off well you have to know what they're ignorant of, which often involves being more knowledgeable OOC than those playing knowledgeable characters IC. You do seem to have your head screwed on though, so good luck to ya.
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Re: Transition from Barbarian to Gorean Slave

Postby Sasi » Thu Nov 05, 2015 9:01 am

You're facing a problem of SL Gor: Slave training. Most slaver players tend to basically consider that a slave player is a Gor noob and need to be taught the basics of RP (when just reading the RP etiquette that most of these slavers, anyway, tend to ignore, would be sufficient) and the basics of the Gorean culture (and they don't care if you the player has read the books and is quite comfortable with this culture).

Finding a slave house which is really 100% about IC training as described in the books, is rare (actualy, I don't even know one).

Now, about your character in denial of your status, you need to understand an important point: A barbarian slave, so a woman from Earth, has been abducted, she is in a new environment, another planet, and she doesn't need long to realize that she has very little chances to come bact to Earth. She quickly realizes that men of Gor are different from those of Earth. They are harsh, naturally dominant, they don't have a big patience. A barbarian slave could refuse to kneel once... She would not try this kind of rebellion a second time..... Or she is suicidal.

It is a thing for your character to be in denial of her status. It would be even totally credible for a native Gorean woman, just enslaved, not broken yet.

But outwardly, the barbarian as the native Gorean woman newly enslaved would obey, comply to any commands given to them, kneel in front of a free person, show deference. Rebellion is very seldom tolerated from a slave, even new to her collar, save if it amuses her master, but it will be for a limited time. Patience may be even shorter toward a barbarian. They are the lowest of slaves (and considered like this by other slaves).

Inwardly, yes, your character will fight her collar, try not to be totally open, even feel superior to other slaves who embraced their slavery. Just, she will know the limits she will have to respect. Disobedience is one, it won't be accepted. Rebellion for a slave, like disobedience can be done once... After, it's unrealistic.

As for the language, barbarian girls tend to learn it quickly (in RP, it makesthe interactions with other characters easier).
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Re: Transition from Barbarian to Gorean Slave

Postby Tantus » Thu Nov 05, 2015 9:43 am

Aysel wrote:In addition, I have rather limited English proficiency (at least, quite inadequate for a quality para RP), which I'm afraid might make it even harder for me to solve this problem solely in IC.

So, my question is, would you find it irritating, or even lore breaking if a barbarian slave remains in denial of her status, or tries to keep her dignity/modesty intact (like refusing to be exposed naked, or kneel, etc)?

You're not going to have any trouble roleplaying in English.

There's a group called "Abduction to Gor", run by Nephtides. I've personally never seen them roleplaying, but it's been going on for a few years and he was recently advertising for a new venture. Paste these links into SL, for the individual and group who may be able to help you make that transition from Earth, to Gor.


In SL Gor, it's not a case of what you're roleplaying, but a matter of who you're roleplaying with. If you can score a good RP partner then anything is possible. Otherwise you could be one of the most authentic Gorean roleplayers on the sim, but if the others are clueless, nothing good will come of it.

When someone starts roleplaying in SL Gor, the most common mistake they make is assuming these people in BTB, who've been roleplaying for 2-3years+ must know their Gor. The fact is, few of them have even read a book. And those who claim to have, failed to understand the Gorean mindset and society.

Read the average person's RP Limits and by fourth or fifth limit, you'll realise they're not logging in to roleplay anything remotely Gorean. The #1 reason most people are in BTB today, is to find an OOC lover.

It's not my intention to put you off SL Gor, just understand it's not simply a case of who your character is. It's a matter of who you're roleplaying with. A handful of roleplayers will understand your emotes, others will just think you're being dramatic and weird. Not because you are, but because so few people in BTB understand Gor and Roleplay.
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Re: Transition from Barbarian to Gorean Slave

Postby Sasi » Thu Nov 05, 2015 1:07 pm

I would say that most of those people who claim they havre read the books, have, maybe, read 4 or 5 of them, max... Or not one at all (but the Luther scrolls, bunch of NC, Marcus of Ar.....).

It's something you realize when you talk with them and discover they totally ignore entire situations described in these books they claim having read or suddenly ask a question in a group about a well known detail from books ("Do slave use perfume??" Real example...)
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Re: Transition from Barbarian to Gorean Slave

Postby Erik » Sun Nov 08, 2015 3:21 pm

@O/P - what the others have said. I used to be a slaver way back when and I did a lot of IC training (and OOC as well) - it really requires someone playing a free man, preferably a slaver or private owner, who is willing to go through all the motions.

I'm not a slaver any more and I don;t know which sim you;re in and what your IC status is and all that. But if you find it not working out - look for the Metal Worker Qa Boa in Hesius. I don;t have to be a slaver to beat you into submission. >:)

My point simply: OOCly - I'm willing to coordinate with you and help you do all the 'between' stuff from barbarian into Gorean hooker-slut. :D

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